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Poster Life on Earth

Life on Earth

The poster "Life on Earth" was composed in 1998 as a contribution to a more comprehensive understanding of our planet. It focuses on the past 540 million years and projects a description of the diversity of evolution.

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Planet Mars poster

Planet Mars

A Poster showing the amazing pictures of the red Planet. Some important Spacecrafts were drawn by us, the explaining texts discuss the geography, the weather, the moons etc. of Mars . 

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Jupiter poster

Planet Jupiter - the giant planet

The most fascinating NASA images from the giant
planet with explaining texts. Information about the Jovian geography, the rings, the Great Red  Spot, The polar lights, the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 of 1994, etc.

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Solar System poster

The Solar System

This poster provides an excellent intrduction to the solar system. The most important physical properties of each planet, of comets etc. are  explained.

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Butterflies of the world poster

Butterflies of the World

In 1920, the zoologist Prof. Seitz published  a sensational encyclopedia concerning the butterflies of the world. We reproduced a little selection of these images for a poster. Our criteria of choice were frequency,  regional occurrences, and the magnificence of forms and colors of the distinct species.
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