Butterflies of the World

Butterflies of the world poster

Butterflies Eurasia

179 butterflies and moths are arranged by continents.

In 1920, the zoologist Prof. Seitz published a sensational encyclopedia concerning the butterflies of the world. More than 8000 butterflies were hand drawn with impressive accuracy and scientific precision. In cooperation with the Alfred Kerner publishers, we reproduced a little selection of these images for a poster. Our criteria of choice were frequency, regional occurrences, and the magnificence of forms and colors of the distinct species. For every butterfly, you find it's occurrence, it's scientific (Latin) name and, if existing, it's trivial name in. Some names of sorts- and species were adapted to the newest terminology. 


Butterfly and caterpillar
You find condensed information about lepidopteran properties on this poster.



Cyrestis mabella
Cyrestis mabella (Southern Japan)

The hand drawn pictures show the painting and color of each butterfly at an excellent resolution.


Erasmia chinensis
Erasmia chinensis (China)

Size A1(594 x 841 mm), excellent quality of print on 100g paper.

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