Hungary: list of mollusc species without pictures

(Sceduled book title: The non-marine molluscs of Europe. Molluscs except microendemic Hydrobiidae, Europe including Cyprus and half Turkey, without E Atlantic islands and the Caucasus region.)

Author of the book will be Francisco Welter-Schultes. Almost all pictures were taken in the museum Haus der Natur Cismar (, collection Vollrath Wiese, with Vollrath's help and photographing facilities. The species of which we do not have pictures, are usually not present in the Haus der Natur Cismar museum.

For the species of which we have already photos see (look under the species name).
This is the link to Fauna Europaea.

For taking pictures: the best format is JPG without compression, 1-2 MB. Shells are more important than living snails, but we will also figure some living snails if we have nice pictures of these.
Dates: locality (country, region, next nearby village), date of collection in the field, name of persons who have collected. Shell would be fine if the are photographed with a small sheet of millimeter paper next to the shells. f not, the exact size of the shells are needed.

List of Hungarian molluscs taken from (12-2008).
Species where we have no shells and no pictures:

Platyla banatica (Rossmässler, 1842)
Platyla perpusilla (Reinhardt, 1880)

Bithynia troschelii (Paasch, 1842)
Radix lagotis (Schrank, 1803)
Stagnicola occultus (Jackiewicz, 1959) 

Orcula jetschini (Kimakowicz, 1883)

Spelaeodiscus triarius (Rossmässler, 1839)


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