Greece: list of species where we do not have pictures yet

(Sceduled book title: The non-marine molluscs of Europe. Molluscs except microendemic Hydrobiidae, Europe including Cyprus and half Turkey, without E Atlantic islands and the Caucasus region.)

Author of the book will be Francisco Welter-Schultes. Almost all pictures were taken in the museum Haus der Natur Cismar (, collection Vollrath Wiese, with Vollrath's help and photographing facilities. The species of which we do not have pictures, are usually not present in the Haus der Natur Cismar museum.

For the species of which we have already photos see (look under the species name).
This is the link to Fauna Europaea.

For taking pictures JPG without compression, 1-2 MB. Shells are more important than living snails, but we will also figure some living snails if we have nice pictures of these.
Dates: locality (country, region, next nearby village), date of collection in the field, name of persons who have collected. Shell would be fine if they are photographed with a small sheel of millimeter paper next to the shells. If not, the exact size of the shells are needed.

Of course the pictures can also be of any other country where this species occurs, not necessarily from Greece.

For a map of Greece see here.

Pholeoteras zilchi Subai, 1993  (Ipiros)
Cochlostoma euboicum (Westerlund, 1885) (Evia)
Cochlostoma kleciaki (Braun, 1887) (Akarnania?)
Cochlostoma parnonis Schütt, 1981 (Peloponisos)

Acicula hausdorfi Boeters, Gittenberger & Subai, 1989 (Ipiros, Kefaloniá)
Acicula multilineata Boeters, Gittenberger & Subai, 1989 (Peloponisos)
Platyla minutissima Boeters, Gittenberger & Subai, 1989 (Kérkira)
Platyla peloponnesica Boeters, Gittenberger & Subai, 1989 (Peloponisos)

Bithynia candiota Westerlund, 1886 (mainland and Crete)
Bithynia graeca Westerlund, 1879 (Ipiros, Makedonia)
Valvata klemmi Schütt, 1962 (Central Greece)

Carychium hellenicum Bank & Gittenberger, 1985 (W Greece)
Carychium schlickumi Strauch, 1977 (N Greece)
Hypnophila cyclothyra (Boettger, 1885) (Peloponisos, Central Greece)
Hypnophila polita (Porro, 1838) (Ipiros)
Hypnophila zacynthia (Roth, 1855) (Ipiros, Zakinthos)
Lauria umbilica (Roth, 1839) (Síros island)
Orculella astirakiensis Gittenberger & Hausdorf, 2004 (N central Crete, region Rodia-Tílisos-Astiráki)
Orculella creticostata Gittenberger & Hausdorf, 2004 (W Crete: near Omalós, Samaria gorge, Imbros gorge, S slope of Lefká Ori)
Orculella cretilasithi Gittenberger & Hausdorf, 2004 (E Crete: Lasíthi plain to Kritsá and N of Neápoli)
Orculella exaggerata (Fuchs & Käufel, 1936) (Kárpathos, Kásos and Saria)
Orculella fodela Gittenberger & Hausdorf, 2004 (N central Crete: Fódele-Tílisos)
Speleodentorcula beroni Gittenberger, 1985 (Evia)
Truncatellina cameroni Triantis, Pokryszko, Vardinoyan. & Myl., 2004 (Central Greece)

Chondrula beieri Klemm, 1962 (Ipiros)
Chondrula munita (Westerlund, 1894) (Peloponisos)
Chondrula pindica (Westerlund, 1894) (NW Greece)
Chondrula werneri (Sturany, 1902) (Lésvos) 
Jaminia thiesseana (Westerlund, 1879) (Evia, Viotia) 
Mastus athensis (Pfeiffer, 1847)  (Mt. Athos)
Mastus emarginatus (Deshayes, 1835) (mainland, Andikíthira)
Mastus peloponnesicus (Gittenberger, 1984) (Pelopónisos: Arkadía)
Mastus unius (Boettger, 1885) (Unia island)
Meijeriella canaliculata Bank, 1985 (Lésvos)
Napaeopsis minimus Bank & Menkhorst, 1992 (Etolia-Akarnania, Kefaloniá, Lefkáda)
Turanena katerinae Gittenberger, 1996 (W Crete)
Zebrina caesia (Boettger, 1885) (Rodos)
Zebrina mirifica Bank & Menkhorst, 1992 (Thasos)
Zebrina stokesi (Boettger, 1885) (Amorgós)
Zebrina zasiensis Bank & Menkhorst, 1992 (Naxos)

Sciocochlea cryptica Subai & Szekeres, 1999 (Ipiros)
Sciocochlea nordsiecki Subai, 1993 (Ipiros)
Graecophaedusa sperrlei Rähle, 1982 (Makedonia)
Tsoukatosia liae Gittenberger, 2000  (Peloponisos: Arkadia)
Tsoukatosia christinae Reischütz & Reischütz, 2003 (Peloponisos: Messinia)  
Albinaria bigibbosula (Westerlund, 1878) (E Pelopónisos: Argolis)
Albinaria campylauchen (Boettger, 1883) (S Pelopónisos)
Albinaria cerigottana (Boettger, 1894) (Andikíthira)
Albinaria confusa (Boettger, 1878) (S Pelopónisos, Kíthira)
Albinaria cytherae (Boettger, 1894)  (Kíthira)
Albinaria edmundi (Gittenberger, 1987) (E Pelopónisos)
Albinaria evelynae Gittenberger, 1998 (S Pelopónisos: Lakonia)
Albinaria fuchskaeufeli Nordsieck, 1977 (Kínaros island)
Albinaria mixta Nordsieck, 1984 (E Pelopónisos)
Albinaria pelocarinata Gittenberger, 1994 (S Pelopónisos: Lakonia near Demonia)
Albinaria petrosa (Pfeiffer, 1849) (E Pelopónisos?)
Albinaria rechingeri Paget, 1971 (Ródos: near Lindos)
Albinaria solicola Neubert, 1998 (E Pelopónisos: Arkadia near Leonidi at the coast)
Albinaria subaii (Nordsieck, 1984) (S Pelopónisos)
Albinaria zilchi Fauer, 1993 (E Pelopónisos)
Isabellaria leucorhaphe (Boettger, 1878) (Skiathos island)  
Isabellaria praestans (Westerlund, 1893) (Vórii Sporádes)
Sericata abyssoclista (Boettger, 1883) (NE Pelopónisos)
Sericata bathyclista (Boettger, 1879) (NW Evia)
Sericata lutracana Nordsieck, 1977 (Korinthía)
Sericata parnassia (Boettger, 1888) (Central Greece)
Carinigera pharsalica Nordsieck, 1974 (Thessalia)
Montenegrina zilchi Nordsieck, 1974  (Thessalia)
Macedonica guicciardii (Roth, 1856) (Central Greece)
Macedonica thasia Nordsieck, 1977 (Thasos)
Macedonica ypsilon Nordsieck, 1977 (Makedonia)
Idyla liebegottae Nordsieck, 1994 (Thessalia)
Idyla pelobsoleta Gittenberger, 1993 (Peloponisos, Arkadia)
Bulgarica pindica Nordsieck, 1974 (Thessalia)

Vitrea angystropha (Boettger, 1880)  (Kárpathos, Saria)
Vitrea argolica Riedel, 1962 (Pelopónisos, Zákinthos)
Vitrea demiobasensis Pintér, 1972 (S Pelopónisos, Kíthira)
Vitrea ephesina Pintér, 1972 (Chios)
Vitrea keaana Riedel & Mylonas, 1981 (Kea)
Vitrea klemmi Pintér, 1972 (Ikaria)
Vitrea matsakisi Riedel & Mylonas, 1980 (Evia, Central Greece)
Vitrea olympica Riedel & Velkovrh, 1976 (Mt. Olimbos)
Vitrea ossaea Pintér, 1983 (Thessalia: Ossa mountains)
Vitrea pageti Pintér, 1978 (Ródos)
Vitrea pieperiana Pintér, 1977 (Kárpathos)
Vitrea pinteri Riedel & Subai, 1991 (Attikí: Mt. Imittos)
Vitrea riedeliana Paget, 1976 (Ródos)
Vitrea schneideri Riedel & Reischütz, 1988 (Samothráki)
Vitrea schuetti Pintér, 1972 (mainland)
Vitrea selecta Pintér, 1972 (mainland)
Vitrea sporadica Pintér, 1978 (Skiros island group)
Vitrea storchi Pintér, 1978 (Chios)
Vitrea thasia Riedel & Reischütz, 1983 (Thasos)
Lindbergia beroni Riedel, 1984 (Thíra island)
Lindbergia gittenbergeri Pintér & Riedel, 1983 (Kérkira)
Lindbergia pageti Riedel, 1968 (Crete)
Lindbergia pinteri Riedel, 1981 (Ikaria)
Lindbergia spiliaenymphis Riedel, 1959 (Attikí)
Lindbergia stylokamarae Riedel, 1981 (Kasos)
Gyralina epeirotica Riedel, 1983 (Ipiros)
Gyralina ermonae Gittenberger, 1977 (Kérkira)
Gyralina formosa Riedel & Subai, 1993 (Ipiros)
Gyralina hausdorfi Riedel, 1990 (NW Thessalia, probably extinct)
Gyralina pageti Gittenberger, 1988 (Kérkira)
Gyralina sattmanni Riedel, 1990 (N Ipiros)
Gyralina velasensis Riedel & Subai, 1991 (Ipiros)

Oxychilus amaltheae Riedel & Subai, 1982 (E Crete)
Oxychilus ionicus Riedel & Subai, 1978 (W Greece)
Oxychilus juliae Riedel, 1990 (Kérkira)
Oxychilus mylonasi Riedel, 1983 (Vórii Sporádes, Evia, N Kikládes)
Oxychilus pygmaeus Riedel, 1983 (E Sámos)
Oxychilus samius (Martens, 1889) (Pelopónisos, Attikí, Evia, Náxos, Páros, E Aegean islands)
Oxychilus seidli Riedel, 1999 (Ikaria, Samos)
Oxychilus tomlini (Smith, 1905) (Central Greece)

Zonites: all species except Z. algirus, caricus, festae, graecus, messenicus, rhodius and siphnicus.

Balcanodiscus beroni Riedel, 1995 (E Makedonia near Drama)
Balcanodiscus carinatus Reischütz, 1983 (Thásos, S Thráki)
Balcanodiscus difficilis Riedel, 1988 (Thásos)
Allaegopis corcyrensis (Boettger, 1883) (Kérkira)
Allaegopis kerketianus Riedel, 1993 (W Thessalia)
Allaegopis meridionalis Riedel, 1986 (Pelopónisos: Achaia)
Allaegopis subariedeli Gittenberger, 1999 (Ipiros: Thesprotia)
Allaegopis transiens (Mousson, 1859) (Ipiros)
Doraegopis boeoticus (Riedel, 1980) (Viotia)
Doraegopis euboeicus Bank & Menkhorst, 1988 (N Evia)
Doraegopis parnonicus Riedel, 1982 (N and E Peloponisos)
Doraegopis subaii Riedel, 1990 (Fthiotis)

Milax, Tandonia, Limax, Mesolimax, Deroceras: practically all species except very few.

Oligolimax cephalonicus (Rähle, 1980) (Kefaloniá)

Sphincterochila insularis (Boettger, 1894) (Kíthira)
Helicodonta wilhelminae Maassen, 1991 (E central Crete)
Lindholmiola reischuetzi Falkner, 1996 (Thásos)
Monacha cretica Hausdorf, 2003 (W Crete)
Monacha dirphica (Martens, 1876) (Evia)
Monacha emigrata (Westerlund, 1894) (Ipiros)
Monacha euboeica (Kobelt, 1877) (Evia)
Monacha haussknechti (Boettger, 1886) (Pindos mountains)
Monacha liebegottae Hausdorf, 2000 (Lésvos)
Monacha maasseni Hausdorf, 2003 (S Ródos)
Monacha messenica (Westerlund & Blanc, 1879) (Pelopónisos)
Monacha pseudorothii Hausdorf, 2003 (Anáfi, Astipálea, Kínaros, Ofidoúsa, Ikaría)
Xerocrassa euphacodes (Maltzan, 1883) (W Crete)
Xerocrassa poecilodoma (Boettger, 1894) (Andikithira)
Candidula lernaea Hausdorf, 1991 (Peloponisos, Argolidos)
Candidula syrensis (Pfeiffer, 1846) (Síros)
Candidula verticillata (Pfeiffer, 1871) (Ródos)
Helicopsis filimargo (Krynicki, 1833) (NE Greece)
Helicopsis gittenbergeri Hausdorf, 1990 (Fthiotida, Viotia, Peloponisos)
Xerolenta thasia (Reischütz, 1983) (Thásos)
Xeromunda alticola Hausdorf, 1995 (Peloponisos: Achaia)

Helicigona albanograeca Subai, 1995 (Ipiros)
Helicigona amorgia (Westerlund, 1889) (Amorgós, Náxos)
Helicigona argentellei (Kobelt, 1872) (Pelopónisos)
Helicigona bacchica (Martens, 1889) (Kikládes)
Helicigona brenskei (Boettger, 1883) (S Pelopónisos)
Helicigona choristochila (Boettger, 1886) (Pindos mountains)
Helicigona comephora (Bourguignat, 1857) (S Pelopónisos)
Helicigona conemenosi (Boettger, 1885) (W Central Greece)
Helicigona fuchsiana Knipper, 1939 (Astipálea)
Helicigona hemonica (Thiesse, 1884) (Thessalia)
Helicigona krueperi (Boettger, 1891) (S Pelopónisos, Taygetos mountains)
Helicigona melpomene Subai, 1996 (Anáfi, Sífnos)
Helicigona nympha Subai, 1996 (Ikaria, Thímena, Fourní, Sámos, Léros)
Helicigona phocaea (Roth, 1856) (Parnassos mountains)
Helicigona pieperi Subai, 1996 (Kásos)
Helicigona polyhymnia Subai, 1996 (Kikládes: Donoúsa)
Helicigona posthuma Knipper, 1939 (Tínos, Andros)
Helicigona reischuetzi (Subai, 1990) (Ipiros)
Helicigona sattmanni Subai, 1995 (Makedonia)
Helicigona subaii (Fauer, 1991) (E Makedonia)
Helicigona valkanovi Urbanski, 1960 (Thásos)
Helicigona vikosensis (Subai, 1990) (N Ipiros)

Assyriella rechingeri (Fuchs & Käufel, 1936) (Kárpathos)
Codringtonia codringtoni (Gray, 1834) (Pelopónisos: W Messinia)
Codringtonia gittenbergeri Subai, 2005 (E Pelopónisos)
Codringtonia helenae Subai, 2005 (central Pelopónisos)
Codringtonia parnassia (Roth, 1855) (Evritania, Fthiotis, Fokis, Viotia)
Helix valentini Kobelt, 1891 (Kálimnos)


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