Bulgaria: list of mollusc species without pictures

(Sceduled book title: The non-marine molluscs of Europe. Molluscs except microendemic Hydrobiidae, Europe including Cyprus and half Turkey, without E Atlantic islands and the Caucasus region.)

Author of the book will be Francisco Welter-Schultes. Almost all pictures were taken in the museum Haus der Natur Cismar (www.hausdernatur.de), collection Vollrath Wiese, with Vollrath's help and photographing facilities. The species of which we do not have pictures, are usually not present in the Haus der Natur Cismar museum.

For the species of which we have already photos see www.animalbase.org (look under the species name).
This is the link to Fauna Europaea.

For taking pictures: the best format is JPG without compression, 1-2 MB. Shells are more important than living snails, but we will also figure some living snails if we have nice pictures of these.
Dates: locality (country, region, next nearby village), date of collection in the field, name of persons who have collected. Shell would be fine if the are photographed with a small sheet of millimeter paper next to the shells. f not, the exact size of the shells are needed.

Euxinolauria schweigeri (GÖTTING 1963)

Spelaeodiscus triarius (Rossmässler, 1839)

Cochlicopa nitens (Gallenstein, 1848)

Multidentula squalina (ROSSMÄSSLER 1848)

Macedonica brabeneci NORDSIECK 1977
Macedonica pirinensis JAECKEL 1954
Euxina pontica (RETOWSKI 1886), E. pontica borisi (A. Wagner 1912)
Laciniaria potochensis Dedov & Neubert 2006
Balea (Pseudalinda) serbica (MOELLENDORF 1873)
Vestia roschitzi (Brancsik 1889), V. r. nordsieckiana URBANSKI 1979, V. r. trigonostoma (PAVL0VIC 1912)
Bulgarica (Bulgarica) hiltrudae NORDSIECK 1974  
Bulgarica (Bulgarica) fraudigera (ROSSMÄSSLER 1839)

Balea (Pseudalinda) petrohanica URBANSKI 1969 ???
Vestia petrovici (PAVLOVIC 1912) ???

Spinophallus uminskii RIEDEL 1960        

Milax parvulus WIKTOR 1968
Milax verrucosus WIKTOR 1969
Tandonia serbica (WAGNER 1931)
Tandonia piriniana WIKTOR 1983
Tandonia pinteri (WIKTOR 1975)
Tandonia totevi (WIKTOR 1975)

Limax (Limax) subalpinus LESSONA 1880
Limax (Limax) punctulatus SORDELLI 1870
Limax (Limax) macedonicus HESSE 1928
Limax (Limacus) maculatus (KALENICZENKO 1851)
Lehmania brunneri (WAGNER 1931)
Lehmania sarmizegetusae GROSSU 1970

Deroceras (Agriolirnax) thersites (SIMROTH 1886)
Deroceras (Agriolimax) pageti GROSSU 1972
Deroceras (Plathystimulus) zilchi GROSSU 1969
Deroceras (Plathysimulus) bulgaricum GROSSU 1969
Deroceras (Liolytopelte) bureschi (WAGNER 1934)

Xerolenta macedonica HESSE 1928
Helicopsis instabilis (ROSSMÄSSLER 1838)

Monacha (Monacha) oshanovae Pinter & Pinter 1970 ???

Arianta pelia (HESSE 1912) ???
Wladislawia sztolcmani (A. WAGNER 1927)

Species of which there is no or almost no material in Haus der Natur Cismar:

Platyla similis (Reinhardt, 1880)
Orculella bulgarica (Hesse, 1915)  
Orcula zilchi Urbanski, 1960  
Spelaeodiscus triarius (Rossmässler, 1839)  

Multidentula squalina (Pfeiffer, 1848)  
Chondrula bicallosa (Pfeiffer, 1847)

Carinigera schuetti Brandt, 1962
Euxina pontica (Retowski, 1886)
Micridyla pinteri (Nordsieck, 1973)  

Macedonica brabeneci Nordsieck, 1977
Macedonica pirinensis Jaeckel, 1954

Laciniaria potochensis Dedov & Neubert, 2006
Balea nordsiecki Dedov & Neubert, 2002
Vestia roschitzi (Brancsik, 1890)
Bulgarica hiltrudae Nordsieck, 1974

Lindbergia uminskii Riedel, 1960

Oxychilus investigatus Riedel, 1993
Oxychilus urbanskii Riedel, 1963  

Daudebardia wiktori Riedel, 1967
Carpathica bielawskii Riedel, 1963
Carpathica stussineri (Wagner, 1895)  

Semilimacella bonellii (Targioni Tozzetti, 1873) = Oligolimax reitteri

Lindholmiola pirinensis Jaeckel, 1954
Xerolenta macedonica (Hesse, 1928)
Helicopsis dejecta (Jan, 1832)
Helicopsis instabilis (Rossmässler, 1838)

Monacha oshanovae Pintér & Pintér, 1970

Helicigona haberhaueri (Sturany, 1897)
Helicigona pelia Hesse, 1912
Wladislawia sztolcmani (Wagner, 1928)


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